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Have you ever wondered why it is that some people do very well at exams and others do not? Obviously there is a connection with intrinsic ability but this is far from the whole story. Exams are designed to enable the majority of people to not only pass but in fact to do fairly well. Yet, year after year, an alarmingly large number of perfectly capable people continue to be disappointed by failure or by not achieving the grades they are capable of attaining.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that people are simply not taught how to do well in exams. In other words, we are often not taught how to best utilize and recall acquired knowledge and how to apply that acquired knowledge under the time and psychological pressure pressure imposed by the exam itself. There is little focus in the classroom on successful examination techniques. This is shocking considering that from a very early age a person's life is dependent in very a significant way upon his/her success or in exams. Not only in terms of the career options and other opportunities that become available through exam success, but, passing or failing an exam can literally translate to a difference in annual salary of thousands of dollars.

Since you have invested so much of your life in education doesn't it make sense to make the best possible use of all that time, effort and money by making sure that you are in a position to maximize your performance in an exam? We have crystalized over 25 years of teaching experience, from grade-school level to graduate level, in the book, HELP ME WITH EXAMS!. We have identified the mistakes people make over and over again, regardless of the subject area or the level at which a subject is being examined. We have found that the lack of skill in exam techniques can usually be traced simply to not having been taught the techniques and/or not applying them (and worse still, applying the wrong techniques). Chapter by chapter, we will show you powerful techniques that most people simply do not apply. The techniques are so simple that they can be used by absolutely anyone to substantially kick-start and improve his/her exam performance. That could mean the difference between passing or failing, or between 'C' and 'A' grades, or even between failing and getting straight 'A's.

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It does not matter what subject or subjects you are studying, and it does not matter what level the subject matter is at. Whether it is high-school or Ph.D. level, whether you are studying history, mathematics, science, business or any other subject, there are general techniques in HELP ME WITH EXAMS! that are applicable to any written exam. The classroom curriculum often assumes that you are completely dedicated to your studies and that you have no other life. Everyone knows that this is not the reality. This conflict is also a problem with the assumptions made in many other "how-to" study guides. HELP ME WITH EXAMS! assumes that you DO have a life so the book is therefore practical.

The book HELP ME WITH EXAMS! will be available from the usual booksellers and libraries in the near future. If you are a parent who is interested in helping your kids with math, you may also be interested in the book "What Can I Do to Help My Child with Math When I Don't Know Any Myself?", which will also be available from the usual booksellers and libraries in the near future.

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